Hello Beautiful!

I'm Chevelle and I am seriously addicted to hair! 

The love story begins the day I first stepped foot into the beauty school classroom at Vici at Bayshore Mall 10 years ago! Unlike some of the other girls I had never had any experience with cutting, coloring, fashion, makeup, or even shampoo other than Sauve (Yikes!)  but I knew that first day this is where I am meant to be. I have never felt the kind of energy or passion this industry has given me and I feel so lucky each and every day to have found something that truly sets my soul on fire! They say if you do what you love you will never work a day in your life, and that is exactly how I feel.   

I grew up in West Bend, Wisconsin as the oldest of 6 kids, (4 of which are boys!) My mom is the one who encouraged me to go to beauty school in the first place, and moms are always right, so obviously I gave it a try! I have always loved working with people, making connections, building relationships and making people happy. Doing hair lets me do just that. There is nothing like watching not only a physical transformation but an emotional transformation happen right before your eyes. I think am in a really special position where my guests  become like family- I have some clients who I have done their hair for prom, for multiple graduations, for their wedding, and even before the birth of their children. I have given first haircuts and unfortunately last haircuts.  I get to be there for new jobs, and for fresh starts. I get to be there for the most exciting times and some of the hardest times in peoples lives and to me that is so special. 

I am completely obsessed with all things hair (except for mullets and chunky highlights). The 
beauty industry is truly a love of mine, so 
I spend a ridiculous amount of time at continuing education to stay on top of current trends and techniques in order to bring the best of the industry to you. This also allows me to travel and check out new cities which I love and don't do often enough in my personal time.  I am always challenging myself, and looking for ways to grow myself personally and as a stylist and now business owner. As of August 6th, 2019  my salon Belle opened it's doors and I couldn't be more excited to be able to do both the hair side, and the business side of things! For me this is is my biggest accomplishment so far- a true dream come true!

When I'm not at the salon or at an industry event I am most likely at home with my husband, our son and our rescue dog, Rollie. I am a sucker for a good night in. We love spending our Sunday mornings together at breakfast and with a good latte, We are huge Milwaukee Brewers fans so you can most definitely catch us at a game, or out at the newest restaurant in town. Although, I crave and will eat Mexican food at any and all hours of the day. I love me some chips and salsa! Most that know me know that Taylor Swift is my girl,  and I will never resist a good jam session. As a used to be dancer, You might even see me bust a move! 


My personal mission as a hairstylist is to be the best part of your day, all while giving you your dream hair!  I would love the opportunity to meet you, get to know you and make you a Belle!